Reserving Bandwidth for the Home Network


With the update, users can rely on being able to surf, stream or chat without interference even if the guest network is highly used. It's up to you to specify which transmission rates you and your guests are entitled to. If the FRITZ!Box owners are not online, the guests can enjoy higher data rates. The new online monitor is also very handy, since it now displays the data rates of the guest access on top of the usual downstream rates for Internet and IPTV.

All of the devices connected with the FRITZ!Box share the bandwidth available on the connection. This applies to the devices in the home network and the guest network. With the new function you can define how much bandwidth should be reserved for the devices in the home network. The bandwidth reserved for the home network can be used by guest network only when it is not needed in the home network.

At "Internet / Online Monitor" you can see how much bandwidth in your home network is being used by your guests. This bandwidth reservation is enabled and configured in the "Internet" area under "Filters" on the "Prioritization" tab.