Port Sharing Combined with MyFRITZ! Sharing and IPv6 Sharing


Devices connected to a FRITZ!Box are safe from unauthorized access from the Internet. However, certain applications (like online games) and devices (like game consoles) must be accessible for other users in the Internet. Such connections are made possible by enabling port sharing.

The settings for port sharing and MyFRITZ! access have been overhauled extensively. Sharing settings are now combined in under "Permit Access / Port Sharing" in the "Internet" area. This presents you a clearer and more compact view in order to reduce the risk of incorrect configurations.

Port sharing is always specified on the corresponding device in the home network. Accesses to this port are then forwarded to your home network device.

Devices located in your home network can request port sharing themselves via the UPnP and PCP protocols. For this the "Independent port sharing" option can be enabled for each individual device.

If you use MyFRITZ!, you can define MyFRITZ! sharing for your home network devices, which you can then access at any time via the myfritz.net website. For this you need a MyFRITZ! account, which can be set up under "Internet / MyFRITZ! Account".

Note: The port sharing settings already configured remain intact after the update.