Security: Settings with additional confirmation and strong passwords for IP telephones


Certain FRITZ!Box settings and features require additional confirmation by the user where the FRITZ!Box is located. More security for IP telephones as well: The password for registering an IP telephone with the FRITZ!Box must have at least eight characters.

To make configuration even safer, setting up new IP telephones and call diversion settings, and saving your FRITZ!Box settings, now require additional confirmation. You must either confirm that you wish to configure these functions directly on the FRITZ!Box or use a connected telephone. Attempts to log in with wrong user data are recorded as an event under "System" in the user interface.

FRITZ!OS 6.80 requires a password with at least 8 digits for configuration of an IP telephone or an IP intercom system via the FRITZ!Box. IP telephones with a shorter password will be disabled with this update.