More wireless LAN speed through band steering


Many modern wireless devices like smartphones, tablets, and notebooks are "dual-band-capable", meaning that they can alternate communication on both wireless bands (2.4 and 5 GHz) as needed. When used in a wireless band subject to heavy use, dual-band wireless devices can be controlled such that they always log on to the wireless band with the lower load. This procedure can be automated if desired, so that the FRITZ!Box performs it without any user interaction. Logging in or switching wireless devices to the generally lower-traffic 5-GHz band generally achieves noticeable improvements in data transmission rates. Over all, band steering results in more effective utilization of the available wireless bandwidth.

How It Works

"Band steering" works in both directions, meaning that wireless devices are "shifted" to the other wireless band depending on the load situation. The exact points in time for switching between the two bands are determined automatically by accounting for any higher attenuation of the radio waves through walls, objects or the like. If, for instance, increasing the distance between the wireless device and the FRITZ!Box results in higher (path) attenuation on the 5-GHz band, then the wireless device will generally be switched to the 2.4-GHz band, which generally has greater range.


  • The wireless device must be capable of dual band (2.4- and 5-GHz-bands must be supported, see documentation of the wireless device).
  • The radio network must have the same name (SSID): The FRITZ!Box must use the same SSID on the 2.4-GHz and the 5-GHz band. This is the case in the factory settings.


  • The FRITZ!Box must "learn" the dual-band feature whenever the given wireless device registers for the first time. The next time it registers the wireless device will then be logged on / "steered" to the 5-GHz band.
  • Each of the wireless devices is shifted to an alternative frequency through "band steering" only if it is registered directly with the FRITZ!Box. Any wireless repeaters in the network are excluded, even if the SSID(s) are identical with the FRITZ!Box!
  • "Band steering" also affects the wireless devices using the wireless guest access.
  • If the FRITZ!Box is restarted, then it must relearn the properties of the individual wireless devices.