Notifications about Important Events

The FRITZ!Box informs you in many ways about events that are important for the security and correct functioning of your home network.

Kinds of Important Events

Important events include:

  • Full telephony functionality not been available for more than one hour
  • No reception of voice messages or faxes possible

Notification Methods

You are informed about important events in the following ways:

  • You receive a message on the "Overview" page of the FRITZ!Box user interface.
  • The "Info" LED on the FRITZ!Box glows red.
  • An email is sent to all of the email addresses set up in the push mail settings.

    Note:The list of email recipients cannot be set here: all of the email addresses configured in the push service settings – recipients and senders – receive notifications about urgent and important events.

  • Under "System / Event Log" in the FRITZ!Box event log, a message is displayed with a link to the online help.
  • You receive a message on FRITZ!Fon cordless telephones from AVM.
  • A message is displayed in the MyFRITZ!App.

The messages and notifications name the event and offer solutions for problems.