Additional Settings

DECT / Web Services / New Email Account / Additional Settings

On the "Additional Settings" tab you can make various settings for sending and receiving email with FRITZ!Fon.

Retrieval Interval

The retrieval interval defines how often the FRITZ!Box should pick up new messages from the email inbox.

If you enable automatic notification, the FRITZ!Fon will notify you about new email messages through:

  • a flashing LED
  • the envelope icon on the display

Email Dispatch

Enable email dispatch if you would like to write and send email with the FRITZ!Fon.

For email dispatch you have to enter the SMTP server (outgoing mail server) and other information on your email account.

Auto Complete for Account Information

Several email providers are already stored in the FRITZ!Box.

If you enter an email address from one of the stored providers on the "Account Information" tab, the SMTP server and other information will be filled in automatically.

Where Do I Get the Information?

If the information for your email account is not filled in automatically:

The name of the SMTP server and the other information are presented on the website of your email provider. Search there with keywords like "Setting up email software" or "Retrieving email over POP3".

The FRITZ!Box requires the same information as any email software, for instance Thunderbird or Outlook.

Delete Email

Enable the deletion of read email if you would like to delete email on the FRITZ!Fon.

Then you can delete email on the FRITZ!Fon as follows:

  1. Press the “Menu” key.
  2. Select "Internet Services / Email".
  3. Select the mail to be deleted.
  4. Press the right display key, labeled "Options".
  5. Select "Delete / OK".