Wireless / Schedule

The schedule function allows you to specify the times at which the FRITZ!Box's Wi-Fi network is automatically switched on and off.

Switching off the Wi-Fi network reduces the power consumption of the FRITZ!Box and prevents wireless devices from exchanging data with each other or accessing the internet.


The clock in the FRITZ!Box must be set to the time of day. This means the FRITZ!Box has to be connected with the internet at least once.

Setting up a Wi-Fi Schedule

  1. Enable the option "Use schedule for the Wi-Fi network".
  2. Define the conditions under which the Wi-Fi network is to be switched on or off, and, if desired, enable the option "The Wi-Fi network cannot be switched off until no more wireless devices are active".
  3. Select between the options "Switch off Wi-Fi daily" or "Switch off Wi-Fi according to schedule".
  4. With the "Switch off Wi-Fi daily" option you can set a fixed period for every day. Enter the desired period and confirm with "Apply".
  5. With the "Switch off Wi-Fi according to schedule" option you can set up a detailed weekly with switching times specified to an accuracy of 15 minutes.
  6. Use the "Wi-Fi enabled" and "Wi-Fi disabled" buttons to define which condition is being configured in the schedule.
  7. Click with the mouse in the timetable, hold the mouse button down and move the mouse cursor to the right and left to mark the desired period. Alternatively, click the "Enter manually" button, select the condition and day, and enter the time period on your keyboard.
  8. Save your schedule by clicking "Apply".

Marking longer periods of time in the schedule

Mark longer periods by holding the mouse button down and moving it to the left, to the right, upward or downward.

Switching the Wi-Fi Network On and Off Manually

You can switch the Wi-Fi network on and off manually at any time.

Switching the Wi-Fi On and Off on the FRITZ!Box

  1. Press the “WLAN” or "WLAN / WPS" button on the FRITZ!Box and hold it down briefly.

The "WLAN" LED on the FRITZ!Box turns on (Wi-Fi is on) or off (Wi-Fi is off).

Switching Wi-Fi On and Off with FRITZ!Fon

You can switch the Wi-Fi network on and off using a FRITZ!Fon cordless telephone connected to the FRITZ!Box.

  1. Press the Menu button.
  2. Select "Home Network / Wi-Fi".
  3. Switch the Wi-Fi network on or off.

Switching Wi-Fi On and Off using the Telephone

You can switch the Wi-Fi network on and off using a telephone connected to the FRITZ!Box.

  1. Press the call button on the telephone or pick up the receiver.
  2. Enter #96*1* (switch Wi-Fi on) or #96*0* (switch Wi-Fi off).
  3. Hang up.