Using Expanded Registration Mode

Expanded registration mode makes reregistering easier for DECT devices like FRITZ!Fon, FRITZ!DECT 301 and FRITZ!DECT 210, for instance, when you switch to a new FRITZ!Box.

Using Expanded Registration Mode

Expanded registration mode is a special registration mode for DECT devices that are already known to the FRITZ!Box but no longer connected to it. In expanded registration mode you can register multiple DECT devices (for instance, FRITZ!Fon, FRITZ!DECT) in sequence. You do not have to restart registration on the FRITZ!Box for each DECT device.

Example 1

You restored the saved settings of your FRITZ!Box and would like to reregister all DECT devices with your FRITZ!Box.

Example 2

You would like to replace your FRITZ!Box with a new FRITZ!Box. All of the DECT devices registered with the old FRITZ!Box are to be registered with the new FRITZ!Box as well.

First, save the settings of the old FRITZ!Box and restore them in the new FRITZ!Box. In the process, your DECT devices are made known to the new FRITZ!Box. Then start expanded registration mode and register each of the DECT devices with the new FRITZ!Box in sequence.


For a DECT device to be registered with expanded registration mode, the following is required:

  • The DECT device is known to the FRITZ!Box: In the FRITZ!Box user interface, the device is listed under "DECT / Cordless Telephones or "Home Network / Smart Home".

Instructions: Using Expanded Registration Mode

  1. In the user interface: Select "DECT".
  2. Start expanded registration mode: Click on "Start Expanded Registration Mode" under "Base Station", or on "Re-register Known Devices" under "Cordless Telephones".
  3. On your DECT devices: Start registration with a base station. Instructions are included in the device documentation.
    DECT deviceInstructions
    FRITZ!Fon Switch the FRITZ!Fon on and press the right selection button "Register", or press the Menu key and select "Settings / OK / Registration / Register / OK".
    FRITZ!DECT 301 Press the "MENU" key and select "Registration / OK".
    FRITZ!DECT 300 Press the "MENU" key and select "RADIO / OK".
    FRITZ!DECT 210 / 200 / Repeater 100 Press and hold down the "DECT" key for around 6 seconds, until the key starts flashing.

After about an hour expanded registration mode is automatically disabled.