Wi-Fi network

Wi-Fi / Wi-Fi Network

On the "Wi-Fi Network" page you can enable and disable the Wi-Fi network, and specify the name of the Wi-Fi network (SSID). You also receive information on other wireless devices known to the FRITZ!Box. You can configure various settings for wireless devices that are connected with the FRITZ!Box.

The Wi-Fi networks in the 2.4-GHz frequency band and in the 5-GHz frequency band can be enabled and disabled separately. You can also specify different names for these two Wi-Fi networks.

Known WLAN Devices


The list of known wireless devices presents information on the following devices:

  • Wireless devices that are connected with the FRITZ!Box
  • Wireless devices that were connected with the FRITZ!Box at an earlier point in time
  • Wireless devices that are currently attempting to connect with the FRITZ!Box
  • By clicking on "Show unsuccessful registration attempts" you can also view wireless devices that attempted to connect with the FRITZ!Box at an earlier point in time

Information in the List

The list contains the following information on the wireless devices:

Quality of the Wi-Fi connection (signal strength). After a Wi-Fi connection is cleared, this icon may continue to display an existing connection for a certain period.
IP Address The IP address assigned to the wireless device by the DHCP server of the FRITZ!Box. If the device has a fixed IP address, the IP address will not be displayed.
MAC address The MAC address of the wireless device
Throughput The value displayed is the speed that is physically possible and is determined on the physical level.
  • Status of the Wi-Fi connection (connected / not connected)
  • Wireless encryption method
  • Functions supported by the wireless device, for instance Wireless Multimedia (WMM), expanded energy-saving mode U-APSD (Power Save), STBC


The buttons in the list have the following functions:

Send feedback to AVM. Your feedback will help us continue to improve the Wi-Fi properties of the FRITZ!Box.
  • Open Details
  • for wireless devices connected with the FRITZ!Box: Open Settings (for instance, name, IP address)
Deletes the wireless device from your network.

Radio Network


Under "Wi-Fi Network" you can enable and disable the Wi-Fi network, and specify a name (SSID).


The following settings are available:

WLAN radio network active Enable and disable Wi-Fi
Name of the Wi-Fi network (SSID)

Name displayed on wireless devices (computers, smartphones) when the Wi-Fi network is enabled

maximum length: 32 characters (for information on what characters are allowed, see Assigning Passwords, Keys, and Names)



QR code

Using the QR code you can automatically transfer the information needed to use the access to your smartphone or tablet. To do this, simply read the QR code with a QR code reader (app).

On Android devices this is especially easy to use the QR code with FRITZ!App WLAN. On iOS devices you can use software like the QR code reader Qrafter.