Measuring the Temperature with FRITZ!DECT

FRITZ!DECT devices have a temperature sensor. The temperature measured is displayed under "Home Network / Smart Home" in the FRITZ!Box user interface.

For precise temperature measurements FRITZ!DECT devices must be optimally positioned. If optimal positioning is impossible, or if the temperature measured is too high or too low for other reasons, you can correct for the temperature offset.

Positioning the FRITZ!DECT

Insert FRITZ!DECT devices in a wall outlet such that the following conditions are met:

  • The ventilation slits are on top.
  • The ventilation slits are not covered.
  • FRITZ!DECT is not be subjected to direct sunlight.
  • No heat sources are located directly next to or under FRITZ!DECT. Heat sources can also include other electrical devices. For instance, never insert two FRITZ!DECT devices in outlets next to each other.

Correcting the temperature offset

Correct the temperature offset if the temperature measured by a FRITZ!DECT device deviates from the actual value. The actual value could be, for instance, the room temperature measured with a thermometer at another position in the room.

  1. Select "Home Network / Smart Home".
  2. Open the settings of your FRITZ!DECT device by clicking on the "Edit" button .
  3. Under "Energy", click on "Additional Settings".
  4. Under "Temperature offset", enter the value (in degrees) by which the measured value is to be corrected, for instance 2.0 or -2.0.
  5. Click on "OK".

Reading the temperature

Here you can read the measured temperature:

  • in the FRITZ!Box user interface under "Home Network / Smart Home"
  • on your FRITZ!Fon cordless telephones in the "Home Network / Smart Home" menu
  • in the MyFRITZ! App

MyFRITZ! App for Android is available from Google Play. MyFRITZ! App for iOS is available from the App Store.