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Radiator controls – FRITZ!DECT 301/300 or Comet DECT – can be connected with the FRITZ!Box via DECT radio and controlled in the user interface. Up to 12 radiator controls can be set up in the FRITZ!Box.



The following settings are available:

Keylock You can lock the buttons on the radiator control and/or disable manual operation via the FRITZ!Box user interface, via MyFRITZ!App and via FRITZ!Fon.
Schedule For each individual weekday you can specify at what times a previously specified temperature is to be maintained. Outside these times a defined setback temperature is maintained.
Vacation switching (party switching) You can define up to 4 periods during which the schedule is disabled and a constant temperature is maintained. When vacation switching is enabled, the buttons are blocked (see keylock).
Heating off Define a period during which the heating is off. The heating valve remains closed during this time and the radiator control is set to an expanded power saving mode to save battery power.
Open window detection Closes the heating valve automatically when the room temperature radically drops. The valve remains closed for a previously specified time (1—120 minutes). The defined period also applies for enabling the open window detection with a button on the radiator control.
Temperature offset

Correction value if the temperature on the radiator control deviates from the temperature in the rest of the room.
The temperature deviation can be set manually, or automatically using an external temperature sensor.

The following FRITZ!DECT devices can be used as external temperature sensors:

  • FRITZ!DECT Repeater 100
  • FRITZ!DECT 200/210/300/301
Push service Sends you a notification by e-mail when certain events occur.

Setting Up the Radiator Control

For instructions about setting up the radiator control and triggering functions like "Open window detection" or the "Boost mode", see the following Help pages: