Meaning of the LEDs

The FRITZ!Box has five LEDs which display various connection statuses and events.

Meaning of the LEDs

The LEDs signal the following statuses and events:

Power / DSL on Device has electric power and the DSL line is ready for operation
  • The device has electrical power
  • The DSL connection is being established or has been interrupted
WLAN off Wi-Fi function is switched off
on Wireless LAN fu is enabled
  • Adopting the wireless LAN settings
  • Switching wiress LAN function on or off
  • WPS in progress: Registering wireless device.
Fon / DECT off Initial state
on A telephone connection via the internet or landline is active.
  • Registration procedure for a DECT cordless telephone in progress
  • Registration procedure for a Smart Home device in progress
  • Messages in your mailbox (function must be supported by your telephone provider).
Connect / WPS off Initial state

WPS in progress: Registration procedure for a Wi-Fi, DECT, Smart Home or powerline device in progress

lights up

Registration of a wireless, DECT, or powerline device was successful
flashing rapidly

WPS aborted

  • more than two wireless devices are performing WPS at the same time
  • repeat the WPS procedure
INFO off Initial state
lights up green
  • Stick & Surf procedure with FRITZ!WLAN USB Stick concluded
  • Signals an event specified under "System / "Info" Display".
flashes green
  • Updating FRITZ!OS
  • Stick & Surf with the FRITZ!WLAN USB Stick in progress
  • Time budget for online time has been reached.
  • Signals an event specified under "System / "Info" Display".
flashes / glows red Error: Follow the instructions on the "Overview" page in the user interface