Setting Up Email Accounts

DECT / Web Services / Email / New Email Account

Set up your email account on the "Account Information" and "Additional Settings" tabs.

Account Information

Enter your email address and other information on your email account on the "Account Information" tab.


  • The FRITZ!Box requires the same information as any email software, for instance Thunderbird or Outlook.
  • You cannot enter an IMAP server. The FRITZ!Box is preconfigured so that read email messages on your email provider's server are not deleted, but remain in your inbox.

Your Email Account Information

Several email providers are already stored in the FRITZ!Box. If you enter an email address from one of the stored providers, the POP3 server and other information will be filled in automatically.

If the information on your email provider is not completed automatically, the name of the POP3 server and the other data are presented on the website of your email provider. Search there with keywords like "Setting up email software" or "Retrieving email over POP3".

Additional Settings

The following settings can be configured on the "Additional Settings" tab:

  • Retrieval interval
  • Email dispatch
  • Delete email
  • Protect email with PIN

Read more in the Help on the "Additional Settings" tab.