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Tips for Using USB Devices

  • If more than one USB device without its own power supply is connected to the FRITZ!Box, please note that, in accordance with the USB specification, the total current consumption may not exceed a value of 500┬ámA. Otherwise unspecified errors on the USB devices or even damage to the FRITZ!Box may occur.
  • Before removing the USB storage device from the FRITZ!Box, select the "Safely Remove" button in the FRITZ!Box user interface to prevent losses of data.
  • To avoid damage to the FRITZ!Box or the USB storage device, you should only operate USB storage devices that require more than one USB port for operation (for instance hard drives with a Y cable) if they have their own power supply, or use them at a USB hub with its own power supply.
  • The FRITZ!Box can not defend the USB memory from external influences. Thus such phenomena as voltage spikes during storms may occur, and writing to older USB memory devices may corrupt the data structure due to a high number of defective structures. In such cases a complete loss of data may occur. Therefore we recommend backing up the USB memory content regularly just in case data are lost on the USB storage device.
  • Note that UMTS modems can have very high power consumption. We recommend that a UMTS modem always be operated on an active hub with its own power supply rather than directly on the FRITZ!Box.
  • AVM expressly advises against performing updates for USB devices connected to the computer via the USB remote connection on the FRITZ!Box.

Connected USB Devices

This area shows all of the connected USB devices.

If you have connected a USB hub to the FRITZ!Box, only the USB devices connected to the hub will be displayed (e.g., printers, USB storage devices), not the USB hub itself.

Click the "Refresh" button to view the current values.

Removing USB Devices Safely

If you would like to remove a USB mass storage device from the FRITZ!Box, click first on the "Disconnect All Safely" button before removing the USB device from the FRITZ!Box. This ensures that all data transmission has been completed.