Function Diagnosis

Diagnostics / Function

Use the function diagnostics to get an overview of the functional status of your FRITZ!Box, its Internet connection, wireless connections, terminal assignments, and about your home network as a whole. If an error occurs, the results of the diagnostics can be sent to AVM Support staff as a mail attachment or as a push mail.

Starting Diagnostics

  • Click the "Start" button to start the diagnostics.

    The diagnostics run through the various test areas.

Canceling Diagnostics

  • You can cancel diagnostics in progress without losing any data. Just click "Cancel".

    The results obtained up to that point remain visible.

Sending Diagnostics Result

Symbols and Their Meaning in the Diagnostics Result:

OK Test area OK

FRITZ!Box login
Password protected.

Home network
2 devices in home network, 1 of them online

Question mark Note Please enter a telephone number to be called for the purpose of testing.

Important information

Areas of the FRITZ!Box are switched off; the functionality of the FRITZ!Box is restricted.

Telephone numbers
No telephone number configured or active

Attention Critical error message The Internet connection is interrupted.

Saving and Sending the Diagnostics Result

In the case of an error, you can send the results of the diagnostics to AVM Support staff by email as a text file.

  1. Click on "Save" to save the diagnostics results.

    The diagnostics results are saved as a text file in the download folder of your browser.

  2. Send the text file as an email attachment to the email address you received from AVM support staff.

Sending Result as a Push Mail

In case of an error you can send the diagnostics result as a push mail and forward it to AVM Support staff.

  1. Click on "Send as Push Mail" to send the diagnostics result.

    The diagnostics result is sent as a mail to the email address registered under "System / Push Service / Sender".

  2. Open the email account belonging to this email address, and forward the push mail that arrived there, with "FRITZ!Box Diagnostics" in the subject line, to the email address you received from AVM Support staff.