In this overview you receive information on the connections, ports and lines, and convenience functions configured on your FRITZ!Box. Listings of the calls conducted most recently, the devices integrated in your system and the last voice messages that arrived on your answering machine round out the detailed information.

Information on Your FRITZ!Box

In the upper area of the window the FRITZ!Box is displayed with its complete product name (where relevant, with your internet provider's identifier) the currently installed FRITZ!OS version, and its current energy consumption.

  • If you assigned an individual name for your FRITZ!Box under "Home Network / FRITZ!Box Name", this name will be displayed here.
  • If a new version of FRITZ!OS is available for your FRITZ!Box on the AVM Update Server, you can start installation of the FRITZ!OS update from here by clicking the "The latest FRITZ!OS is not installed: Update?" link.
  • If you have not yet enabled password protection for the FRITZ!Box, you can set it up here by clicking the "Set password" link.

Notification about Important Events

The FRITZ!Box informs you in many ways about events that are important for the security and correct functioning of your home network. On the "Overview" page you receive notifications as a red, linked text in the header. The window that opens when you click the notification displays details about the event and offers solutions to associated problems. On the "Notification about Important Events" help page you receive more detailed information.


Information on your FRITZ!Box's connections is displayed here. By clicking the entries you can jump from here to the corresponding menus and configure settings there.

  • The "Internet" entry shows the status information of your Internet connection.
  • If remote access over VPN is configured, the "Remote access (VPN)" entry shows the status information "not established", "establishing" and "established".


This area shows which of the FRITZ!Box ports and lines are ready for operation and which are in use.

Cable Shows the condition of the cable connection
LAN Indicates whether and at which LAN port a computer is connected
  • Indicates whether a computer is connected with the FRITZ!Box via Wi-Fi and whether the connection is secure (encrypted) or insecure (non-encrypted)
  • Shows the name of the Wi-Fi network
DECT Indicates whether the DECT function of the FRITZ!Box is enabled and how many cordless telephones are registered with the FRITZ!Box
USB Indicates which USB devices are connected to the FRITZ!Box's port for USB devices. USB storage media can be removed safely here.



Next to "Calls" is displayed the number of calls conducted today and how many calls are in the entire call list. Click "more ..." to open your call list.

The call list shows the last six entries displayed with date, time, and name or telephone number of the remote party.

Adding a Telephone Number to a Telephone Book

Click the Add to telephone book icon to transfer the telephone number from the call list to a telephone book.

Answering Machine

The most recently received voice messages for your integrated answering machine are displayed here with date, time and telephone number of the caller.

  • Click the blue arrow to open and save a message.
  • Click "more..." to open the "Answering Machine" menu.

    Note:You can configure up to five answering machines in the FRITZ!Box.

Home Network

The "Home Network" area shows all active devices currently connected with the FRITZ!Box.

  • Click "more ..." to open the detailed home network overview of the FRITZ!Box.
  • Clicking a connected network device opens the user interface of this device (if it has a user interface) in a new tab.

Note:After an update, the first time you open the "Overview" page you receive information about new features and fast software update options for connected FRITZ! products.

Convenience Features

Here you see all convenience features enabled in your FRITZ!Box, for instance:

  • configured wireless and LAN guest accesses
  • enabled wireless LAN schedule
  • configured night service
  • FRITZ!Box services
  • enabled parental controls
  • enabled push services

Enabled convenience functions can be accessed with the click of a mouse. Additional convenience features can be enabled in the FRITZ!Box menus.