Meaning of the LEDs

The FRITZ!Box has five LEDs which display various connection statuses and events.

Meaning of the LEDs

Note:The "Info" LED can be assigned according to your wishes. For more information, see the instructions in "Info Display".

The following events and functions are signaled by LEDs:


LEDConditionMeaning / Function
Power / DSL on Device has electric power and the DSL line is ready for operation

Device has electric power and the DSL connection is being established or has been interrupted

Fon off Initial state
on A telephone connection via the internet is active.
flashing Messages in your mailbox (this function must be supported by your telephony provider)
DECT off DECT function is switched off
on DECT is enabled
  • Registration procedure for a DECT cordless telephone in progress
  • Registration procedure for a Smart Home device in progress
WLAN off Wireless LAN function is switched off

Wireless LAN is enabled

  • Switching the wireless LAN function on or off
  • Adopting the wireless LAN settings
  • WPS in progress: Registration procedure for a wireless, DECT, Smart Home or powerline device in progress
  • WPS procedure aborted: More than two wireless devices are performing WPS at the same time. Repeat the WPS procedure.
lights up

Registration of a wireless, DECT, or powerline device was successful

Info off Initial state
lights up green
  • Signals an event specified under "System / "Info" Display".
  • Stick & Surf procedure with FRITZ!WLAN USB Stick from AVM concluded.
flashing green
  • Updating FRITZ!OS.
  • Signals an event specified under "System / "Info" Display".
  • Stick & Surf with the FRITZ!WLAN USB Stick from AVM in progress.
flashes or lights up red Error: Follow the instructions on the "Overview" page in the user interface.