Mesh Overview

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The overview shows all active devices in the home network of the FRITZ!Box. If the overview shows only the connection to the Mesh Master, this FRITZ!Box is configured as a Mesh Repeater.

You can perform updates for FRITZ! devices and enable Mesh for FRITZ! devices that support wireless LAN.

Blocked Devices

Devices in the home network for which internet access is currently blocked by parental controls are marked with the following symbol:

The "Mesh Overview" shows only blocked devices that are active in the home network. The overview does not show any blocked devices that are currently switched off or in use outside the home network.

Display of All Blocked Devices

All blocked devices are displayed in the user interface on the "Parental Controls" tab under "Internet / Filters".

Enabling Mesh for FRITZ! Devices

The Mesh symbol identifies the FRITZ! devices for which Mesh is enabled. If a FRITZ!Repeater or a FRITZ!Powerline device with Wi-Fi functionality is displayed without the Mesh symbol, enable Mesh for this device.

Mesh combines the individual wireless networks of FRITZ! devices that support Wi-Fi into a single, efficient wireless network. The FRITZ!Box is the hub of the wireless LAN, the Mesh Master. The other devices (Mesh Repeaters) automatically adopt the wireless network settings from the Mesh Master: Wi-Fi network name (SSID), network key, schedule, guest access, Wi-Fi channel.

Instructions: Integrating a FRITZ! Device into the Mesh

See Integrating FRITZ! Devices into the FRITZ!Box Mesh Manually