Online meter

Internet / Online Monitor / Online Meter

The "Online Meter" tab displays the online time and the data traffic used for various periods of time.

Click on the "Refresh" button to view the current values.

The table presents an overview of the time online and the amount of data transmitted.

Online time and data traffic on the internet connection

  • The online time and data traffic are recorded only on the internet connection.
  • The online time is given in hours and minutes (hh:mm).
  • The data traffic is given in megabytes (MB).

Other IP Connections

If you use additional IP connections, their online time and data traffic will not be included in the Online Meter.

  • Internet telephony: If internet telephony uses a separate IP connection, then it is not recorded by the Online Meter.
  • Internet television: For internet television there are transmission methods that use a separate IP connection as well as those that use the internet IP connection.
    • Internet television sent over Multicast, for instance IPTV, uses its own IP connection and is thus not included in the Online Meter.
    • Video on demand, by contrast, is transmitted over the internet IP connection and included in the Online Meter.


The "Connections" column displays the number of IP connections that were established. Every new connection is counted. Every time the Internet connection is re-established after the FRITZ!Box is started or after automatic disconnection is counted.

Billing month

The information that refers to months (current month, last month) refer to the billing month, not the calendar month. The billing month and the calendar month are not necessarily the same. If your billing period begins on the 5th of the month, for instance, then the next billing period starts on the 5th of the following month.

Click the "Set Rate" or "Edit Rate" button to define the billing period.

Reset Meter

Click the "Reset Meter" button to reset all of the recorded values back to "0".

Usage in Billing Period

If the contract with your internet provider contains a rate based on time or volume, you can have the progress of your consumption shown in a diagram here. For the diagram to be displayed, you must enter your rate.

  1. Click the "Set Rate" button.
  2. Enter your rate based on time or traffic.

The consumption and billing period are now shown with a progress bar.

The diagrams provide an overview of the set rate and alert the user to above-average use even during the current billing period.

If your rate or billing period change, click the "Edit Rate" button to enter the changes.

Note:All of the values displayed on this page may deviate from the values billed by your internet service provider. The values from your internet service provider provide the basis for billing.