Storage (NAS)

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The "Storage (NAS)" page presents you an overview of the storage media available to the FRITZ!Box.

Click on the "Apply" button to save your settings. If you leave the page without saving, all of your changes will be discarded.

Storage Media on the FRITZ!Box

Enable "Storage (NAS) enabled" to display the storage media on the FRITZ!Box and configure settings for these storage media.

  • Available storage media are displayed in a table with storage type, name and status.
  • In the "Enabled" column you can enable or disable the available storage media, and also safely remove storage devices.
  • Click the links in the "Type of Storage" column to access the storage media. Storage media are accessed over FRITZ!NAS. When prompted to do so, enter the user name you defined in the "System / FRITZ!Box Password / FRITZ!Box User" area.
  • You can start manual indexing of the storage media in the "File Index" column.

Every time FRITZ!NAS is started the storage media of the FRITZ!Box are reindexed. If you do not use FRITZ!NAS to access your storage media, start the indexing in the "File Index" column manually from time to time to guarantee that the devices in your home network can access all of the contents on your storage media.

These storage media can be used on your FRITZ!Box:

  • USB storage devices
    Storage devices connected to the USB port of the FRITZ!Box, for instance a USB stick or USB hard drive.
  • Internal memory
    Storage integrated in the FRITZ!Box. Note the available memory capacity in the "Status" column of the table.
  • Online storage
    Memory space in the internet, provided by your internet service provider. To synchronize your local and online storage, a USB storage device must be connected to the FRITZ!Box. The available storage space on the USB storage device must equal at least the volume of data to be copied to or from the online storage.

Home Network Sharing

With home network sharing you configure the services via which FRITZ!Box storage can be accessed.

  • Access via FTP enabled: With this setting, FRITZ!Box users can access USB storage media on the FRITZ!Box from the internet via FTP or FTPS. The prerequisite is that the FRITZ!Box users have the rights "Access from the internet allowed" and "Access to NAS contents".
    This setting is also applied in the "Internet / Permit Access / FRITZ!Box Services" menu.
  • Access via network drive (SMB) enabled: With this setting you can configure a USB storage medium on the FRITZ!Box as a network drive on all computers in the home network. The USB storage media can then be used like local drives in Windows Explorer or the macOS Finder.

You can enter a sharing name and a workgroup under which the FRITZ!Box makes the USB storage available in the home network. The "Name" field determines the name under which the NAS contents of the storage media connected to the FRITZ!Box are displayed. All network devices that can access NAS contents directly must belong to the same workgroup. The standard workgroup in the FRITZ!Box and in the operating systems of your network devices is "WORKGROUP".

Here you can change the workgroup and the name for home network sharing by the FRITZ!Box. Network devices that should still be visible in your network overview must be included in this new workgroup. Also note the instructions in the help for your network device.