Automatic Update

System / Update / Auto Update

On the "Auto Update" page you can specify whether you would like to be merely informed about new FRITZ!OS updates, or whether updates should be installed automatically.

Auto Update: Options

You can choose between the following settings:

LevelSettingThese Updates Will Be Installed Automatically
1 Notify about new FRITZ!OS versions None
2 Notify me about new versions of FRITZ!OS and install necessary updates automatically (recommended)

Only updates regarded as necessary for continued secure and reliable operation of your home network (for instance, security updates)

3 Notify me about new versions of FRITZ!OS and install new versions automatically


Adopting Settings from the Mesh WiFi

In the Mesh WiFi, the auto update settings are adopted from the Mesh Master by default. This overwrites any settings already configured.

If you would like to make your own settings for automatic updates in the Mesh Repeater, then disable the "Adopt settings enabled" option in the Mesh settings.

Note:If you disable the adoption of settings in the Mesh WiFi, then other settings will also not be adopted automatically, including wireless LAN settings, settings for AVM services, push services and Smart Home.

Configuring Automatic Update

  1. Select "System / Update" and switch to the "Auto Update".
  2. Select an option.
  3. Click "Apply".

Disabling Automatic Updates

If you do not wish to have updates installed or searched for automatically, disable the "FRITZ!Box searches for updates periodically" setting under "Internet / Account Information / AVM Services". For more information, see the AVM Services Help page.

Note:We recommend keeping the search for updates and the automatic installation of updates enabled. This way you benefit from further developments of existing and new features for your FRITZ!Box.