What Is MyFRITZ!?


MyFRITZ! adds additional functionality to your FRITZ!Box. MyFRITZ! includes the following components:

  MyFRITZ! Account / myfritz.netMyFRITZ!AppMyFRITZ! / myfritz.box

MyFRITZ! in the Internet

Access to FRITZ!Box "Overview" in the internet and, depending on the user rights, to FRITZ!Box functions and settings

MyFRITZ! mobile

Access to FRITZ!Box functions from on the go

MyFRITZ! in the Home Network

Quick access to certain FRITZ!Box functions in the home network

Access Log in with the MyFRITZ! account on the "myfritz.net" website via a mobile device (with MyFRITZ!App installed) via "MyFRITZ!" link in the FRITZ!Box user interface or via the "myfritz.box" address in the browser

MyFRITZ! in the Internet

MyFRITZ! Account / myfritz.net

With a MyFRITZ! account you can log in to the FRITZ!Box overview page "myfritz.net" website and access your FRITZ!Box from there, for instance, to retrieve information on calls, to access photo or music files, or to receive reports on the status of your FRITZ!Boxes.

Create a MyFRITZ! account with an email address and a password.

FRITZ!Box web address

The MyFRITZ! account assigns the FRITZ!Box a web address accessible to the public.

If internet access to the FRITZ!Box is enabled and a FRITZ!Box user has been configured with "Access from the internet allowed" rights, then you can access your FRITZ!Box directly with a web browser, for instance via "myfritz.net". You can also use the address to establish VPN connections to your FRITZ!Box or server services in the home network for which you configured port sharing under "Internet / Permit Access".

In the following cases, the assigned address cannot be reached from the internet:

  • Your FRITZ!Box is in IP client mode, meaning that it shares the existing internet connection of another router.
  • Your internet service provider did not assign a public IPv4 address to your FRITZ!Box, for instance for connections with the dual-stack lite protocol.

MyFRITZ! Mobile


With the free MyFRITZ!App you can access your FRITZ!Box from anywhere using your mobile device:

  • Messages: View the FRITZ!Box call list and listen to messages on the answering machine
  • FRITZ!NAS: access photos, music, videos
  • Home network: connect with the FRITZ!Box and home network devices securely from on the go
  • Smart Home: switch and control smart plugs and radiator controls
  • Convenience functions: control Wi-Fi, answering machines and call diversion settings

MyFRITZ! in the Home Network

MyFRITZ! / myfritz.box

Via the "MyFRITZ!" overview page at the address myfritz.box you can access functions of your FRITZ!Box frequently used in the home network from your browser:

  • Call list: view calls and listen to messages
  • NAS: access photos, music, videos
  • Convenience functions: display and switch Wi-Fi, WPS, guest access, answering machines on and off
  • Smart Home: switch and control smart plugs and radiator controls

Which exact functions you can access depends on the rights configured for the FRITZ!Box users logged in. If you logged in with a general FRITZ!Box password, you have access to all areas.