Guest Access

Wireless / Guest Access

With a guest access you can grant your guests access to the Internet via your wireless radio network. The users of this connection have access only to the internet. Please note the important instructions on this.


In order to be able to use the guest access (hotspot), the following requirement must be met:

  • One of the following kinds of connection is configured under "Internet / Account Information": "Connection to a DSL line" or "Connection to an external modem or router"

Enabling Guest Access (Hotspot)

The guest access can be configured as a private wireless guest access or as a public WiFi hotspot. With the "Guest access enabled" option you enable the connection.

Configuring a Private Wireless Guest Access

Private wireless guest access is a password-protected connection for your friends and acquaintances.

  • Name of the guest radio network (SSID): Assign a name. The wireless LAN guest radio network is visible to other wireless devices with this name, known as the SSID.
  • Encryption: The wireless guest access is encrypted with WPA2.
  • Network key: Enter a network key with which the radio connection for your guests is to be secured. Your guests have to enter this key in the wireless LAN settings of their wireless devices.

The network key must have be between 8 and 63 characters long; for reasons of security it should be at least 20 characters long. Comply with the list of valid characters for passwords.

Configuring a Public Wireless Hotspot

The public hotspot is an encrypted connection for public spaces, for instance shops or restaurants. No network key is needed. Data are transmitted without encryption.

  • Name of the WiFi hotspot (SSID): Assign a name. The WiFi hotspot is visible to other wireless devices with this name.

Additional Settings

The private guest access and the public hotspot can be configured with additional settings:

    • FRITZ!Box push service: Send a log of all login and logoff events to your email address
    • Set up a captive portal (e.g. with information about your business:
      A captive portal can be set up to present an image and a text, with your business hours, menu, or current schedule of events.
      • Specify whether login with the guest access should be allowed only after the conditions of use have been accepted.
      • Ensure that the guests can view the terms of use. You determine the terms of use (such as information about what entails legal use).
      • Add to the captive portal an image (e.g. company logo) and a text of your own including terms of use (e.g. what entails legal use).
      • Include a link to route your guests to a website (such as your own home page).
    • Automatic Shutdown: Define a period of time after which the guest access should shut down automatically. This makes sense when a guest access is to be use only for a specified time period, for instance, during a certain event.
      You can also set the guest access to switch off after the specified period, but only after the last guest has logged out, for instance, if the event is open-ended.
    • Security in the wireless guest network: Define whether the users of the guest network are able to communicate with each other (this setting should be disabled for a public hotspot)
    • Restrict use to certain internet applications: Restrict use of the guest access to surfing the internet and to sending/receiving email.

Access Profiles and Filter Lists for the Guest Access

The guest access can be further configured by allocating additional access profiles and filter lists.

Here you can define the times when the guest access can be used, and specify which websites can be visited.

Fast Connection with a QR Code and WPS

Your guests have especially convenient access to the internet with a QR code and the quick connection setup "WPS".

QR Code

The QR code can be used for the private guest access and the public hotspot. For a public hotspot, display the code in a visible position, for instance, in a menu, or on a flyer. Guests can then read the QR code with a QR reader app on their smartphones or tablets to log in with the hotspot automatically.

On Android devices it is especially easy to use the QR code with FRITZ!App WLAN. On iOS devices you can use software like the QR code reader Qrafter.


For the private guest access, the quick connection setup WPS can be used as well. Wireless devices that support WPS can then connect to your wireless guest access particularly quickly and securely.

  • Start the WPS function on the wireless device.
  • Within 2 minutes, click the "Start WPS" button.

The wireless guest access with the private guest access is established automatically and securely. Multiple wireless devices can use the WPS function sequentially, but not concurrently.