Standard View and Advanced View

The FRITZ!Box has two views: the standard view and the advanced view. The FRITZ!Box interface is preconfigured to display the standard view. You can switch between the two views at any time.

  • In the Standard View all of the settings required for everyday operation of the FRITZ!Box are at your disposal. Some pages and areas of the FRITZ!Box user interface are not displayed.
  • In the Advanced View additional settings options appear under various menus and commands. The expanded menu items contain Internet and network settings for advanced users and are not required for normal FRITZ!Box operation.

Instructions: Switching Between Views

Enabling this option is recommended only if you have advanced network expertise. When this setting is selected, settings can be configured which have the result that the FRITZ!Box user interface can no longer be opened.

Switching the view via the header of the user interface

  1. Click the menu with the three dots menu in the header of the FRITZ!Box user interface.

    A window with further settings appears.

  2. Use the slide control to switch the view.
    • When the advanced view is enabled, the slide control is on the right (green).
    • When the advance view is disabled (standard view), the slide control is on the left (gray).

      Slide control in the menu

Switching the view via the footer of the user interface

  1. To switch views, select the "View" link in the footer of the FRITZ!Box menu.

    The view currently enabled is displayed.

    Link for switching to the 'Advanced' view   Link for das switching to the 'Standard' view