Telephone Numbers

Telephony / Telephone Numbers

Configure your telephone numbers on the "Telephone Numbers" page.

Setting Up a New Telephone Number.

  1. Click the "New Telephone Number" button.
  2. Follow the instructions of the wizard that guides you through configuration of the telephone number.

Status of the Telephone Number

The symbols in front of the telephone numbers have the following meanings:


You can make calls over this telephone number.


You can not make calls over this telephone number. Check the settings of the telephone number.

Using Preselections

Your telephone numbers are assigned preselections that can be used to dial a call. When placing a call, dial the preselection before the number you wish to call. It does not matter how your IP telephone is configured in the FRITZ!Box.

Example: You would like to call the telephone number 030123, and conduct the call using the your (own) telephone number 456. The telephone number 456 is assigned to the preselection '121#. So dial *121#030123