Protecting the User Interface with a Password

You can set up a password for access to the FRITZ!Box user interface. With this password you protect the user interface from unauthorized access.

Password protection for the user interface of your FRITZ!Box is necessary to protect you from potential dangers in the Internet.

If you do not enable password protection, external attacks on your FRITZ!Box may not be ruled out. For instance, it is possible that private data will be read and changed under your name. It could even happen that actions are triggered within the FRITZ!Box.

To preclude any such possibilities, we strongly recommend that you protect the user interface of your FRITZ!Box with a password.

On occasion it can happen that the improved security functions make it impossible or very difficult for you to log on to the FRITZ!Box user interface: If a program running in the background, like a call monitor, for instance, constantly accesses the FRITZ!Box without a valid session ID, an active FRITZ!Box session will be ended. In practice you will experience that the FRITZ!Box requires you to log back in at regular intervals.

Note:Make sure that all of the programs that access the FRITZ!Box are installed in their latest version and support session IDs. Out-of-date programs may have to be disabled until a new version is available.