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The overview of FRITZ!Box users shows all FRITZ!Box users sorted by name. The following options are available here:

Button Action
Edit user:
Opens the "User Account" page, on which you can configure settings for the user.
Delete user:
Deletes the user from the FRITZ!Box.
"Add User" Opens the "User Account" page, on which you can create a new user.

Information on Current Utilization of User Accounts

How you can use the user accounts for access to the FRITZ!Box depends on whether you set a general FRITZ!Box password for login to the FRITZ!Box under "Login to the Home Network", or whether you created a FRITZ!Box user account.

What information is displayed in the status line at the bottom of the windows depends on this setting:

  "The users displayed are valid for access from the internet and from the home network.""Login for access from the home network is currently disabled. The users displayed are valid only for access from the internet."

Your setting under "Login to the Home Network"

"Login with FRITZ!Box user name and password" "Login with the FRITZ!Box password" or "Login without password"

Login with FRITZ!Box user accounts

Possible from the internet and from the home network Only possible from the internet

Login with FRITZ!Box password or without password

Not possible Only possible from the home network

The User "ftpuser"

The list of FRITZ!Box users may include "ftpuser". The "ftpuser" is a user account preconfigured in the FRITZ!Box, with read and write rights for all of the storage available on the FRITZ!Box. For security reasons, access from the internet cannot be permitted for the "ftpuser".

By default, the password for "ftpuser" is the same as the password for the FRITZ!Box user interface.

The "ftpuser" authentication can be used, for instance, of you would like to access FRITZ!NAS via Windows file sharing and have not created any other FRITZ!Box user for this purpose. If you do not want to use the "ftpuser", you can delete it.