Event Log

System / Event Log

The FRITZ!Box logs information about operation and error messages in the Event Log.

Note:Messages triggered by programs on connected computers are not displayed in the Event Log, only in the respective program.

Using the Event Log

Click an event to view additional information about it. -You can have all events displayed, or select a tab with events in a certain area:


TabEvent Log
All All
Telephony on telephony (for instance, the Internet telephone numbers registered)
Internet Connection on the Internet connection (for instance, when the connection was established and cleared)
USB Devices on the USB port

on the wireless radio network (for instance, when the wireless radio network switched on and off)

The FRITZ!Box can also log every instance when a wireless device registered or deregistered. For this, enable the "Log registrations and deregistrations" checkbox on the "WLAN" tab.

System other (for instance, logins to the user interface)

Delete Event Log

You can delete all events:

  1. Switch to the "All" tab.
  2. Click the "Delete List" button.