MyFRITZ! in the Home Network

Via the "MyFRITZ!" link in the FRITZ!Box user interface, you can view the MyFRITZ! overview of your FRITZ!Box in the home network. You can also reach the MyFRITZ! overview by entering the address "". In the MyFRITZ! overview of the FRITZ!Box you have access to the memory of FRITZ!NAS, the call list and the list of voice messages on the FRITZ!Box answering machines.

The MyFRITZ! functions in the home network can be accessed only with the corresponding user rights. If no FRITZ!Box users are configured, then the areas within the home network can be accessed by everyone with access to the FRITZ!Box. Users and user rights are configured on the "FRITZ!Box Users" tab in the "System / FRITZ!Box Password" menu.

All Calls

  • The call list and voice messages on the FRITZ!Box are displayed.
  • The voice messages are available as WAV files. You can listen to the files or store them locally on your network device.

NAS (Storage)

  • The contents of the FRITZ!NAS memory are displayed in the "NAS (Storage)" area.
  • If users are configured in the FRITZ!Box, the directories released for sharing with the registered users are displayed.
  • Users authorized to read and write can edit and copy the contents.

Convenience Features

  • This area shows the features for wireless LAN, WPS, guest access and the answering machine. You can switch and control the functions.

Smart Home

  • This area shows smart plugs and radiator controls. You can switch and control the actuators.