Security Diagnosis

Diagnostics / Security

The "Security" page offers you an overview of the security-relevant settings that control access to the FRITZ!Box from the internet or from the home network. At a glance you can see whether the latest FRITZ!OS is installed, which ports are open, which users are logged in or off the FRITZ!Box, which wireless devices with which properties are connected with the FRITZ!Box and much more.

Functions in the Security Overview

SymbolMeaning / Action
Indicates settings that the security diagnostics classify as insecure.
Opens the settings in the FRITZ!Box user interface
Opens the help
Prints the results of the security diagnostics
Sends the results of the security diagnostics by push mail

Security Diagnostics Test Points


The installed version of FRITZ!OS is checked to see whether it is up to date.

FRITZ!Box login

The security diagnostics checks whether and how the FRITZ!Box login is configured.

Internet Connection

For the "Internet Connection" area the security diagnostics checks the opened ports and the protocols used there, port sharing for home network devices to the internet, and filters for access from the internet.


The "Wi-Fi" area is checked for how Wi-Fi access is secured (encrypted), whether WPS and AVM Stick & Surf are enabled and how many new devices have registered. You also receive a check of the settings for wireless devices and for the Wi-Fi guest access.


The security diagnostics of the FRITZ!Box checks the "Telephony" area for features and functions of your FRITZ!Box's DECT base station, and settings for call handling, both with the FRITZ!Box directly or via IP telephones connected via FRITZ!App.

FRITZ!Box Users

For the "FRITZ!Box Users" area the security diagnostics checks all FRITZ!Box users and their access rights to FRITZ!Box contents, to the FRITZ!Box home network, and for access from the internet. The time at which the FRITZ!Box last logged in and the IP address it used to do so are checked as well.


The security diagnostics of the FRITZ!Box checks the "FRITZ!NAS" area for how the access rights to the FRITZ!Box's storage media are configured. This includes which user has access to which storage media, which rights are associated with this access, and whether access is permitted only from the home network, or also from the internet. For access from the internet the FRITZ!Box further checks whether remote access is permitted via the HTTPS protocol or FTP/FTPS, and whether links have been specified for sharing.

Sending Result as a Push Mail

In case of an error you can send the diagnostics result as a push mail and forward it to AVM Support staff.

  1. Click on "Send as Push Mail" to send the diagnostics result.

    The diagnostics result is sent as a mail to the email address registered under "System / Push Service / Sender".

  2. Open the email account belonging to this email address, and forward the push mail that arrived there, with "FRITZ!Box Diagnostics" in the subject line, to the email address you received from AVM Support staff.

Printing results

You can print the results of the security diagnostics.

  1. To print the results, click the "Print Preview" button.

    The print preview of the security overview is opened.

  2. In the print preview window click the "Print Page" button.