Cordless Telephones

DECT / Cordless Telephones

A DECT base station for up to 6 cordless telephones is integrated in the FRITZ!Box.

Overview of Registered Cordless Telephones

The Overview of registered cordless telephones contains the following columns and buttons:

Column / ButtonMeaning / Function

The name can be selected freely in the settings of the cordless telephone.

Connection DECT
Number for Outgoing Calls

Shows the number the telephone uses to make outgoing calls.

If the telephone has not been configured yet, no number is displayed here.

Incoming The telephone rings for incoming calls to this number/these numbers.
internal internal number
Opens the cordless telephone settings.
Deletes the cordless telephone from the user interface and cancels its registration with the FRITZ!Box.

Registering a New Cordless Telephone


You can start the registration of a new cordles telephone in the user interface.

Instructions: Registering a New Cordless Telephone

  1. Select "DECT".
  2. Select "Cordless Telephones" and click on "Configure New Device".

    If the menu item "Cordless Telephones" is not available: Select "Base Station", enable "DECT base station active" and click on "Apply".

  3. Follow the instructions. A wizard takes you through the registration and configuration of the cordless telephone.