Call List

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The call list contains your telephone calls, missed calls, messages on the answering machine and received faxes.

Switching the Call List Off

You can switch off the call list. If you disable the "Enable call list" checkbox the existing call list will be deleted and calls will no longer be saved.


 Outgoing call Outgoing call
 Incoming call Incoming call
 Missed call Missed call

Rejected call

The call was rejected by pressing a button on the telephone or automatically through a call block.


Add to telephone book

Saves the telephone number to the telephone book.

The button is not available if the telephone number is already in the telephone book.

Open/Save Call
  • Plays back a message on the answering machine.
  • Saves the messages on your computer.
Open/Save Fax
  • Opens a received fax.
  • Saves the fax on your computer.

Filtering Calls

When you open the call list all calls are displayed. If you want to view only certain calls, switch to one of the following tabs:

Outgoing Calls Calls you made with a telephone connected to the FRITZ!Box.
Incoming Calls Calls that were accepted by a telephone or answering machine.
Missed Calls Incoming calls that were not accepted.

Saving the Call List

With the button you can save the call list to a file. The CSV file can then be opened in programs like spreadsheet software (for instance Microsoft Excel, Calc).

The call list in the CSV file contains a column called "Type". The values in this column have the following meaning:

1 Incoming call
2 Missed call
3 The call was rejected. At the time the call arrived, Do Not Disturb was enabled in the FRITZ!Box for the caller's telephone number, or you pressed the hang up button on the telephone.
4 Outgoing call
5 Incoming call. The voice call was not over when the call list was saved.
6 Outgoing call. The voice call was not over when the call list was saved.