What are FRITZ!Box users?

FRITZ!Box users are individual authorizations to access the FRITZ!Box, which are linked with a personalized user account.

In a FRITZ!Box user account you define for a certain FRITZ!Box user which contents of the FRITZ!Box the user is allowed to access, and whether this access must take place from the home network or is also permitted from the Internet.

Please note that access to the FRITZ!Box from the Internet is only allowed through a FRITZ!Box user account.

If a user is registered as a FRITZ!Box user, he logs in to the FRITZ!Box user interface with his user name / mail address and his password and can then use the FRITZ!Box contents for which he enjoys access rights.

The user accounts of the FRITZ!Box are managed in the System / FRITZ!Box Users / User menu.

Here you can configure a personal FRITZ!Box user access for everyone who uses the FRITZ!Box - for instance, every member of the family. This allows you to control who can view and/or edit which FRITZ!Box contents.

In this way you can, for instance, grant your children access to the call list and the answering machine from home or from on the go, but keep them from viewing or changing the FRITZ!Box settings.

You can configure the following rights for each FRITZ!Box user:

  • Access to the FRITZ!Box from the Internet
  • View and edit FRITZ!Box settings
  • View/listen to voice messages, faxes, FRITZ!App Fon and call list
  • Access to selected NAS contents
  • Switch Smart Home devices
  • Establish a VPN connection to the FRITZ!Box

Detailed instructions on how to set up rights are presented on the FRITZ!Box Users / Users / User Account page.