Internet / DSL Information / Feedback

On the "Feedback" page you can evaluate your DSL connection and send this evaluation to AVM. This makes it possible to optimize your DSL performance with upcoming firmware updates.

Selecting and Sending Feedback Data

  1. If you would like to give us feedback on the quality and condition of your DSL connection, please compile the following information:
    Synchronization method This selection evaluates the stability of your DSL connection. Choose between the following values:
    • stable
    • occasional interruptions
    • frequent interruptions
    • no synchronization possible.
    Line is operated with DSL splitter Please indicate whether your FRITZ!Box is connected to a DSL splitter.

    This is the case if you have ordered an analog or ISDN line from your telecommunications provider in addition to your DSL line.

    This is not the case if your FRITZ!Box is connected to a pure DSL line (also known as a TAL or IP-based line).

    Your e-mail address Entering your e-mail address is voluntary.
    Your postal code Entering your postal code is voluntary.
    Comment Entering a comment is voluntary.
  2. Click the "Send" button to send your feedback to AVM.

The information sent contains no personal information or excerpts from the data exchanged with the Internet.