FRITZ!Box Name

Home Network / FRITZ!Box Name

The name of the FRITZ!Box is used to manage a number of identifiers in the FRITZ!Box user interface. On this page you can assign an individualized name for your FRITZ!Box, which is adopted in the following areas of your home network:

  • Name of the wireless radio network (SSID)
  • name of the guest radio network (SSID)
  • name and working group of home network sharing
  • name of the media server
  • name of the DECT base station
  • push service sender name
  • name of your FRITZ!Box in the MyFRITZ! device overview

The following are also affected:

  • USB remote connection
  • telephone book

Click on the "Apply" button to save your settings. If you leave the page without saving, all of your changes will be discarded.

Assigning an Individualized FRITZ!Box Name

  • Enter a name of your choice in the "FRITZ!Box name" field.
  • Use only letters, numerals and hyphens in the name.

Note that changing the name may make it necessary to reconfigure wireless connections and network links.