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The "Device Overview" contains a table with connected USB devices, for instance, USB storage media. The table also contains USB devices that are connected via a USB hub. USB hugs themselves are not shown.

Rules for Using USB Devices with the FRITZ!Box

Comply with the following rules to avoid data losses and damage to the FRITZ!Box or the USB storage medium.


  • Make backups of your data. The FRITZ!Box cannot prevent data losses due to external influences (such as voltage spikes or drops during storms).
  • Remove USB storage media safely: Before removing a USB storage medium from the FRITZ!Box, click on "Remove Safely" in the overview of USB devices and storage.
  • Power supply: The FRITZ!Box can supply USB devices with up to 500 mA. If more power is needed, connect your USB devices via an active USB hub.
  • When multiple USB devices without their own power supply are connected, the total power consumption must not exceed 500 mA.
  • Some USB devices require more than one USB port for operation (for instance, hard drives with a USB Y cable). Do not connect such USB devices unless they have their own power supply; otherwise, connect them via an active hub.
  • Whenever possible, only connect UMTS modems via an active USB hub. UMTS modems have very high power consumption.
  • Do not conduct any updates for USB devices that are connected with the computer via the FRITZ!Box USB remote connection.

Remove USB Storage Media Safely

If you simply remove a USB stick or a USB drive from the FRITZ!Box, a loss of data may result. Safe removal prevents data losses.

Instructions: Removing USB Storage Media Safely

  1. In the "Device Overview", click on the "Remove Safely" button behind the USB device.
  2. Then remove the USB storage media from the FRITZ!Box.