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On the "Smart Home" page you can register Smart Home devices from AVM with the FRITZ!Box and configure their settings.

Smart Home Device Overview

The overview contains all Smart Home devices from AVM that are registered with the FRITZ!Box or released for sharing in the FRITZ!Box home network.

ColumnContentsMeaning / Function
Connection   Device connected with the FRITZ!Box
  Device not connected with the FRITZ!Box
Mode automatic Automatic switching or "Switch off on standby" enabled for this socket
Manual No automatic switching enabled
Measuring the temperature Temperature in Celsius

On the FRITZ!DECT Repeater 100 and devices with a switchable socket: the temperature measured by the device (for precise temperature measurements, see Measuring the Temperature with FRITZ!DECT

For radiator controls: measured temperature +/- offset (see also Configure an offset)

Target temperature

Setting a radiator control

The configured temperature will be maintained until the next temperature switch specified in the schedule.

On/Off switch icon

Socket on

Click on the switch to turn the socket off.


Socket off

Click once on the switch to turn the socket on.

Open the device settings

Remove device from the user interface

As long as the FRITZ!DECT device is supplied with power, the radio connection to the FRITZ!Box and configure automatic switching remain active.

For a FRITZ!Powerline adapter the button is displayed only if the adapter is no longer connected with the FRITZ!Box.


Smart Home devices of the same type can be combined into groups.

Put all devices with a switchable socket (switching actuators) into a single group so that the sockets can be switched on and off together. Put all radiator controls into a single group to configure them together (scheduled switching, vacation switching, periods when heating is off).

Setting Up a New Group

Instructions are presented here:

Register New Device

Here is how to register a new FRITZ!DECT device with the FRITZ!Box:

  1. Click the "Register New Device" button.
  2. Press the "DECT" button on the FRITZ!DECT device until it starts flashing (about 6 seconds).

After registration the FRITZ!DECT device appears in the Smart Home Device Overview.

Configuring Automatic Switching and Other Functions

To open the settings of a device, click on the button. Various tabs in the settings present the following functions:

Switching state Determines the switch state upon a restart, for instance after a power outage. General
Manual Switching Specifies whether or not manual switching is possible (with the button on the device, FRITZ!Fon, MyFRITZ!App or in the user interface) General
Push Service Sends information on device operation by e-mail, either at regular intervals or whenever certain events occur. General
Automatic Switching

Various Schedules in order to switch the socket on and off automatically at specified times.

Switch Automatically
For measuring power consumption Measure and record the power consumption of connected electrical devices. Energy Display