Web Radio

Home Network / Media Server / Web Radio

You can listen to web radio over the FRITZ!Box media server. To play the radio stations, use a FRITZ!Fon cordless telephone or any device that supports UPnP, for instance, an Android smartphone.

The desired radio stations are configured under "Home Network / Media Server / Web Radio".

Configured Web Radio Stations


The overview of configured web radio stations contains the following columns and buttons:

ColumnButtonMeaning / Function
Name   Name of the radio station
Web Address   Web address of the radio station
Opens the radio station settings.
Deletes the radio station.

Instructions: Changing the Sequence

Change the order of the radio stations as follows:

  1. Click on "Change Sequence".
  2. Sort the radio stations into the desired sequence. To move a radio station, click on it with the left mouse button, hold down the button, and drag the radio station to the desired position.
  3. Click on "Save Sequence".

Adding Radio Stations


In the "New Web Radio Stations" list you can select various radio stations that have already been configured. You can also add other radio stations not included in the list.


  • Radio stations you would like to add must be saved in the playlist format "pls" or "m3u" and refer to MP3 stream.


  • You can configure up to 40 web radio stations.

Instructions: Adding Other Radio Stations

  1. Select the "Other web radio station ..." entry from the "New web radio station" list.
  2. Specify the name that should be used to display the radio station on the FRITZ!Fon.
  3. Enter the web address of the radio station.
  4. Select the FRITZ!Fon cordless telephone(s) on which the radio station is to be made available.
  5. Click on "OK".