Live Image for FRITZ!Fon

DECT / Web Services / Live Image

On FRITZ!Fon models with a color display you can have images displayed that are recorded by an IP camera. The image on the FRITZ!Fon is refreshed at previously defined intervals (every 10 seconds, for instance) and displayed without sound. The IP camera can belong to the home network of the FRITZ!Box or be connected over the Internet.

Configuring a Live Image


The live image function for a FRITZ!Fon telephone is configured in the FRITZ!Box user interface.


  • FRITZ!Fon with color display (FRITZ!Fon MT-F, C4 or newer)
  • In the FRITZ!Box user interface, under "DECT / Base Station" the option "Permit only secure DECT connections" is enabled.
  • The IP camera records images in MJPG/MJPEG, JPG/JPEG, PNG or GIF file format.
  • The IP camera makes the images available via FTP or HTTP without authentication (HTTPS is not supported).
  • For optimum display of the live image, the resolution of the IP camera should be configured to at least 240x320 pixels.

Instructions: Settings Up a Live Image

  1. Select "DECT" / Web Services Live Image" in the user interface.
  2. Click "Add New Live Image".
  3. Enter a name.
  4. Enter the address (URL) of the IP camera. This can be a local address in the home network or the address of a website. A few examples:
    Location of the IP cameraAddress
    In the home network of the FRITZ!Box
    In the home network of the FRITZ!Box
    In the Internet

    In the Internet

  5. Enter a retrieval interval.
  6. Click "OK".

Viewing a Live Image


Once you have set up the live image function in the FRITZ!Box user interface, you can view the live image on the FRITZ!Fon.

Instructions: Viewing a Live Image on FRITZ!Fon

  1. Press the Menu button.
  2. Select "Home Network / Live Image".
  3. Select a live image and press "OK".