DECT / Web Services / e-Mail

You can read and write e-mail on the latest FRITZ!Fon cordless telephones. For this you must set up your e-mail accounts.


  • The FRITZ!Box is configured as a DECT base station (the "DECT enabled" checkbox is enabled under "DECT / Base Station").

Configuring a New E-mail Account

  1. Click "New E-mail Account".
  2. Enter the account information:

    For this, see also the Help on account information.

  3. Switch to the "Additional Settings" tab.
  4. Configure the desired settings.

    For more on this, see also the Help on "Additional Settings".

  5. Click "OK" to save the settings.

The e-mail account is set up.

Configured E-mail Accounts

The overview of configured e-mail accounts contains the following columns and buttons:

Column / ButtonMeaning / Function
Send E-mail yes: e-mail dispatch enabled
New e-mail Notification yes: FRITZ!Fon signals new e-mail with a flashing LED and the envelope symbol on the display
Assigned FRITZ!Fon FRITZ!Fon cordless telephones on which the e-mail account can be accessed
Edit e-mail account settings
Delete e-mail account