Internal Numbers

Telephony / Telephone Book / Internal Numbers

Telephones and other telephony devices configured in the FRITZ!Box have internal numbers. These numbers can be used to make (free) internal calls and to operate the answering machine of the FRITZ!Box.

Using Internal Numbers

Internal Numbers in the Telephone Book

The internal numbers are located in the telephone book on the the "Internal numbers" tab.

Numbers with Special Functions

The following internal numbers have special functions:

NameTelephone numberFunction
Group call **9 All connected telephones ring. You will be connected to the telephone that picks up the call first.
Answering Machine **600 - **604 Every FRITZ!Box answering machine has an internal number for the voice menu of the answering machine.
answering machine (memo) **605 - **609 Every FRITZ!Box answering machine has an internal number for memos (voice memos). If you enable the "Send messages via email" setting for the answering machine, you will automatically receive your recorded memos by email.

Instructions: Making Internal Calls

  1. Enter an internal telephone number on a connected telephone.
  2. Pick up the handset or press the pick-up button.