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FRITZ!Box users are created so that every user - for instance every member of the family - has his or her own access to the FRITZ!Box.

In the user account you define which FRITZ!Box contents the given user is allowed to access. The user account is also where you specify whether this access must take place from the home network or is also permitted from the Internet.

Access to the FRITZ!Box from the Internet is possible only if the user is set up as a FRITZ!Box user and has been granted the corresponding rights.

FRITZ!Box users log in with their individual IDs - consisting of a user name or e-mail address - to the areas of the FRITZ!Box to which they have access.

FRITZ!Box User Overview

The list shows all FRITZ!Box users, sorted by the user names. The user accounts can be edited or deleted using the buttons:

Edit The user account with its settings for a FRITZ!Box user are accessed by clicking the "Edit" button.
Delete Use the "Delete" button to remove a FRITZ!Box user.

User "ftpuser"

The user "ftpuser" is already preconfigured in the FRITZ!Box user overview.

This user account ensures smooth access to FRITZ!NAS over SAMBA and FTP. The "ftpuser" authentication is required for access to FRITZ!NAS via Windows file sharing or an FTP client. Therefore it is important not to delete or rename the "ftpuser" account.

Adding FRITZ!Box Users

To add a new FRITZ!Box user, click the "Add User" button. The "User Account" page will be opened. Make the settings as described on the "Configuring a User Account" page.

Note:You can set up as many as 18 user accounts in the FRITZ!Box.

Information on Current Utilization of User Accounts

The status line in the lower area of the window indicates when the login as a FRITZ!Box user is currently required. The way the FRITZ!Box user login is used varies according to the method configured for login on the "Registration in the Home Network" tab.

  • The users displayed are valid for access from the Internet and from the home network.

    This status information is displayed when the setting "Login with FRITZ!Box user name and password" was selected for registration in the home network.

  • Login for access from the home network is currently disabled. The users displayed are valid only for access from the Internet.

    This status information is displayed when the setting "Login with the FRITZ!Box password" or "No Login" is enabled for registration in the home network.