Access Profiles

Internet / Filter / Access Profiles

The settings for internet use are saved in the access profiles. Preconfigured Access Profiles You can create new access profiles and change existing ones.

The table lists all of the access profiles configured in the FRITZ!Box along with their properties.

Name The name of the access profile. The names of the preconfigured access profiles cannot be changed.
Online Time
  • unrestricted: The internet can be used at all times
  • restricted: There are time limits for Internet use
  • none: It is not possible to use the internet
Shared Budget
  • yes: all network devices with this access profile share the daily online time given in the profile
  • no: each network device with this profile has the complete online time given in the profile at its disposal
  • : the profiles preconfigured in the FRITZ!Box do not have this setting. These profiles are not aware of a shared budget, so they grant each network device the complete online time.
Filters If filter lists are enabled in the access profile, they are displayed here.
Blocked Applications If certain applications are blocked in the access profile, they are displayed here.
Opens the access profile in editing mode. In editing mode you can view all properties of the profile in detail and make any changes desired.
Deletes the access profile

Creating a New Access Profile

  1. Click on the "New Access Profile" button.

Access profile: Definition

The settings in the access profile control the following aspects of internet use:

AspectPurpose of Control
Online time Restricting the duration of daily internet use
Online content Blocking access to websites with undesired content.
Network Applications Blocking unauthorized network applications from running.

Preconfigured Access Profiles

Four preconfigured access profiles are supplied with the FRITZ!Box:

access profileProperties
  • Allows unrestricted internet use.
  • Is assigned automatically when a network device registers with the FRITZ!Box for the first time.
  • Is the only profile possible for unknown network devices. Unknown network devices are devices that are created and configured in the FRITZ!Box but do not register until a later point in time.
  • Can be changed.
  • Is automatically assigned to all devices that register with the guest network of the FRITZ!Box.
  • Is the only profile possible for devices that register with the guest network of the FRITZ!Box.
  • Can be changed.
  • Allows unrestricted internet use.
  • Cannot be changed.
  • Blocks internet use.
  • Cannot be changed.
This profile cannot be changed,


Tickets extend the online time permitted in the parental controls, allowing surfing outside of the specified times.

Properties of a Ticket

  • A ticket opens internet access once for 45 minutes.
  • Each ticket consists of a randomly selected 6-digit code generated by the FRITZ!Box.

Generating Tickets

  • Tickets can be generated only by FRITZ!Box users with write rights.
  • The display always shows 10 valid tickets.
  • Once they are redeemed, tickets disappear from the display and are immediately replaced by new tickets.

Transferring Tickets

The ticket must be transferred to the user who wishes to redeem it. Verbally, by email, printed on paper, or in any other way.

With the "Print Tickets" button you can generate a print view of the ten currently valid tickets.

Redeeming a Ticket

  • Tickets are redeemed in the browser, on the page that is displayed when online time has expired or outside the permitted online time.
  • Tickets can be redeemed by network devices and Windows users in the home network.
  • Tickets cannot be used by network devices registered with the guest network.
  • The extension of the online time applies to the device redeeming the ticket. If the device shares its budget with other devices, the extension applies to the other devices as well.
  • For each redeemed ticket, an event is generated and recorded under "System / Event Log".