Answering Machine

Telephony / Answering Machine

You can use the FRITZ!Box as an answering machine without connecting any additional devices. If you have more than one telephone number, you can set up multiple answering machines (up to 5).

Answering Machine Functions

  • Schedule: For individual days of the week you can specify the times at which the answering machine is switched on and with what operation mode ("Greeting only" or "Record messages").
  • Voice to mail: If desired, you can receive new messages automatically by email.
  • Remote playback: You can check the answering machine from on the go.

Instructions: Configuring the answering machine

Instructions are available here: Configuring and Using the FRITZ!Box Answering Machine

Operation controls

The "Answering Machine" page contains the following operating controls:

1 On/Off switch Switches answering machine on or off by mouse click.
2 Tabs (only when multiple answering machines have been configured) Selecting Answering Machines
3 "Another Answering Machine" link Setting Up a New Answering Machine
4 "Settings" button Opens the answering machine settings for editing



Under "Messages" on the "Answering Machine" page you can access your messages. The overview contains the following information and buttons:

Information / ButtonMeaning / Function
message waiting New Message
Date Date and time of the call
Name / Number

The telephone number of the caller or name from the telephone book (if the caller's telephone number was transmitted).

Outgoing Caller ID Telephone number for which the call arrived
Duration Duration of the call
Save the caller's telephone number in telephone book
Listen to and Save Message
Delete message