Online Meter

How Is the Online Time Counted for Parental Controls?

The online time for the child protection of the FRITZ!Box starts the first time a web page is opened. If a pause of two minutes occurs during which no new web page has been opened, the online meter stops. It resumes counting whenever the next new web page is called, as long as this page is not opened from the Windows cache memory.

  • For parental controls, the online meter does not start when the computer is switched on, not when the Wi-Fi connection between the computer and the FRITZ!Box is established, and not even when the web browser is started.
  • Data traffic with the internet can take place, even if no website has been opened actively. This can have various causes: For instance, Windows may perform automatic updates if you have configured this setting. Shareware programs, viruses and other malicious programs may also initiate data traffic with the internet through no fault of your own. In all cases mentioned the online meter of the parental controls will run whenever the initiator takes action in the time period during which internet use is permitted.

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