WPS Quick Connection

Wireless / Security / WPS Quick Connection

With WPS (Wi-Fi Protected Setup) you can connect smartphones and other wireless devices with the Wi-Fi of the FRITZ!Box at the touch of a button.

Enabling and Using the WPS Function

If you would like to integrate wireless devices into your wireless network using the WPS function, the WPS function must be enabled on your FRITZ!Box.

  1. Enable the WPS function "WPS enabled".
  2. Select one of the methods for the WPS quick connection in the "Method" area.
  3. Start the WPS quick connection of the wireless devices by clicking the "Start WPS" button.
  4. Enable or start WPS functionality on the other wireless device.

    Activation must be started within 2 minutes.

The FRITZ!Box and the wireless device now connect with each other automatically. The security settings of the FRITZ!Box are transferred automatically to the wireless device. The new wireless device is found under "Home Network / Home Network Overview". Here you can also configure additional settings for the wireless device.