Devices and Users

The "Devices and Users" overview lists all network devices and Windows users known in the FRITZ!Box home network. A device is known when it has or had a network connection to the FRITZ!Box.

In the network overview you receive an overview of all network devices and users who are using the Internet connection of your FRITZ!Box.

  • A green LED appears before the name of a network device when the connection between the FRITZ!Box and the network device is active, but the network device is not currently using the Internet connection. The LED turns into a green-blue globe when the network device is using the Internet connection to send or receive data.
  • List entries of the Windows users from the child protection settings have no icon at the beginning of the line.
  • The icon in the "Connection" column indicates whether the entry is a user or a network device. The icon also indicates how network devices are connected.
  • List entries for which it is not clear whether they are users or network devices are displayed without an icon in the "Connection" column.
  • Click the WLAN icon in the "Connection" column to open the "WLAN / Radio Network" page.
  • Each entry in the list can be opened by clicking the "Edit" button, to view and configure the details of individual settings for devices and users.
  • Use the "Delete" button to remove an entry from the list.

Add Device

Use this button to add to the "Devices and Users" list network devices that have not yet connected to the FRITZ!Box and are supposed to always receive a fixed IP address from the DHCP server.

This function is designed for special application scenarios.


You have your FRITZ!Box configured by a specialized vendor and to fulfill requirements including the following:

  • Port forwarding/sharing should be configured for a server in your home network.
  • Child protection/parental controls should be configured for various network devices in your home network.

The server and all of the other network devices are located in your home and not on the premises of the specialized vendor. The network devices are unknown to the FRITZ!Box.

This raises the following problem:

Port forwarding/port sharing and parental controls (child protection) can be configured only for network devices that are known to the FRITZ!Box. A network device is known to the FRITZ!Box when there is already an entry with the name, MAC address and IP address of the network device in the "Devices and Users" overview.

This is the solution to the problem:

With the "Add Device" button you can register network devices with the FRITZ!Box with their name, MAC address and IP address.