What Is MyFRITZ!?

MyFRITZ! is a simple way to access your own FRITZ!Box from the Internet. For access to your FRITZ!Box from the Internet all you need is a computer, a tablet or a smartphone with a web browser.

With MyFRITZ! you can use FRITZ!NAS, the answering machine and the call list from anywhere in the world. Pictures, music, video and documents on a storage medium connected to the FRITZ!Box, answering machine messages and the call list are thus available over the Internet. Your own data remain securely stored on the FRITZ!Box.

How do I use MyFRITZ!?

All you have to do is register with MyFRITZ. The rest is child's play: Simply type myfritz.net in your browser window and follow the MyFRITZ! login instructions. Then you will automatically be redirected to your FRITZ!Box, which then displays your personal data as soon as you enter your Internet password.

Why do I need the MyFRITZ! account?

After registration, every time the IP address changes, the FRITZ!Box transmits to your MyFRITZ! account the address at which you can be currently reached in the Internet. This means that you can be routed to your FRITZ!Box from anywhere as soon as you log in to MyFRITZ!.

What is MyFRITZ! in comparison to DynDNS?

Dynamic DNS services (DynDNS) serve the same purpose as MyFRITZ! and have been offered in the Internet for years. Many FRITZ!Box users with strong network skills use dynamic DNS providers. AVM developed MyFRITZ! to make the advantages of global access to their own FRITZ!Boxes available even to users without network expertise. MyFRITZ! combines all settings necessary for secure access to a user's local files.

Can I use MyFRITZ! at home in the home network?

Yes, this is easy in the FRITZ!Box home network. Enter myfritz.box in the browser. This works even without registering with MyFRITZ!. Is MyFRITZ! free of charge? The service for access to your own FRITZ!Box offered at myfritz.net is free for all FRITZ!Box customers. Please take note of the terms and conditions of use.

How do I register with MyFRITZ!?


  • For registration your computer must be part of the FRITZ!Box network.
  • You must also have access to your e-mail.


Plan about 10 minutes for the registration process.

  1. Open the FRITZ!Box user interface.
  2. On the "MyFRITZ! Account" page, enable the "Create a new MyFRITZ! account" setting.
  3. FRITZ!Box registration takes place in two steps:
    • To generate you MyFRITZ! account, enter your e-mail address and define a MyFRITZ password.
    • Define a FRITZ!Box Internet password. Your FRITZ!Box will request this password whenever data are requested from it, or whenever you want to access your FRITZ!Box over myfritz.net.
  4. MyFRITZ! sends an e-mail with a registration link to your e-mail address. Open this e-mail with the PC to which your FRITZ!Box is connected and click the registration link.
  5. The registration link opens a page on myfritz.net where we request that you read through and confirm the terms and conditions of use. From this page you will be redirected right to the MyFRITZ! page of your FRITZ!Box. You also receive a second e-mail that confirms your successful registration. This concludes the registration process. You can now begin using MyFRITZ!.

What prerequisites must my FRITZ!Box fulfill?

In order to be able to use MyFRITZ!, you need FRITZ!OS version 5.20 or higher on your FRITZ!Box. MyFRITZ! can be used only in combination with a FRITZ!Box.

Which security protocols are deployed for MyFRITZ!?

The encrypted HTTPS protocol is used for registration and login on the myfritz.net platform and for access over myfritz.net. HTTP is used for the daily update of the IP address on the MyFRITZ! platform. Thanks to a challenge/response authentication, the password is never transmitted as clear text.

For access to the FRITZ!Box interface, HTTPS is also used. Since the FRITZ!Box generates its own HTTPS certificate, and this certificate does not come from any of the certification authorities preset in common browsers, you must confirm to the browser that the connection should be established. Firefox and Internet Explorer will remember your request and refrain from showing any further warnings.

What happens after myfritz.net is opened?

After myfritz.net is opened and you successfully log in to your MyFRITZ! account, you will be routed directly to the URL at which your FRITZ!Box can be reached in the Internet. If you have more than one FRITZ!Box registered in your MyFRITZ! account, they will all be displayed on a device selection page, with links to all of the registered FRITZ!Box devices. Once you click the desired link, you will be prompted to log in. For this you need the FRITZ!Box Internet password you assigned during configuration.

Which domain names does my FRITZ!Box have when using MyFRITZ!?

Upon activation your FRITZ!Box is assigned a random, unused domain name ending with .myfritz.net. Your FRITZ!Box is immediately accessible in the Internet under this name. myfritz.net will redirect you to this name whenever you register on the platform. In addition to access over myfritz.net, the domain can also be opened directly, for instance using a bookmark in your browser.

Can a MyFRITZ! account be used for multiple FRITZ!Boxes?

Yes, you can register multiple FRITZ!Boxes at one MyFRITZ! account. To do this, enable the setting "Register the FRITZ!Box with an existing MyFRITZ! account" in the "Internet / MyFRITZ!" menu of the FRITZ!Box user interface.

Further development of MyFRITZ!

The focus of MyFRITZ! is to guarantee accessibility to one's own FRITZ!Box from anywhere. The further development of MyFRITZ! will concern the area of home automation and how to benefit from the advantages of the new IPv6 Internet protocol.