A security update is available for your FRITZ!Box.

  1. Compare the version of the security update for your FRITZ!Box with the version currently installed.
  2. Install the security update if an older update version is installed on your FRITZ!Box.
  3. Note the latest security instructions on changing passwords for remote access and deleting unknown IP telephones.

New Functions in Your Version of FRITZ!OS

  • Use MyFRITZ! to open your FRITZ!Box securely from a remote location
  • Smartphone-optimized page in, fritz.nas and
  • Selection of online telephone books expanded by adding Google contacts
  • Any name you like for FRITZ!Box: for WLAN SSID, NAS, DECT and more
  • New Internet access technology: Instead of DSL and LAN, now WLAN as well
  • Prioritization of telephone calls in WLAN with FRITZ!AppĀ Fon
  • Improved operation: Online help with search function and navigation