Telephony / Alarm

With the alarm you can use connected telephones as alarm clocks.

Enabling the Alarm

You can enable the alarm for all connected telephones or for a certain telephone.

Instructions: Enabling an Alarm

  1. Select "Telephony / Alarm" in the user interface.
  2. Enable the alarm function.
  3. In the "Time" field, enter when you would like the alarm to wake you. Use two digits to enter hours and minutes, for instance "06:45".
  4. Select one telephone or select "all telephones".
  5. For FRITZ!Fon cordless telephones you can also enter a text that will appear on the display of the telephone when the alarm sounds.
  6. Define here whether the alarm should be repeated.
  7. Click on "Apply".

Ending the Alarm

Instructions: Ending an Alarm with FRITZ!Fon

  1. Press the clear call button.

Instructions: Ending an Alarm with Another Telephone

  1. Press the call key (lift the receiver).
  2. Press the clear call button (replace the receiver).

Enabling the Snooze Function

The snooze function interrupts the alarm. The alarm will sound again after 9 minutes.

Instructions: Enabling the Snooze Function

  1. Press the call key (lift the receiver).
  2. Press any numeral key (0 - 9).